Yonatan Meroz

Curriculum Vitae

05/2010 - today: Research associate in the project "Cultural Transition in Renaissance Italy: The Sermons of Judah ben Joseph Moscato", supervised by Prof. Giuseppe Veltri and Prof. Gianfranco Miletto; translator of sermons 41-52 from Hebrew to English.

02/2011 - 05/2013: Research associate in the pilot project "PESHAT - A Multilingual Thesaurus of Philosophic and Scientific Hebrew Terminology", supervised by Prof. Giuseppe Veltri Prof. Gad Freudenthal.
11/2010: M.A. in Arabic Language and Literature in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
The M.A. thesis, written under supervision of Prof. Haggai Ben-Shammai, contained an analysis and a critical edition of a 13th/14th century Judaeo-Arabic polemic against Maimonides, based on manuscripts from the Firkovich collection.

10/2005 - 7/2006: The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, The Department of Arabic Language
Research Assistant: Research of philosophical and mystical literature in Islam and Judaism in the project "The Beginnings of Mystical Philosophy in al-Andalus: Ibn Massara and his Writings", supervised by Prof. Sarah Stroumsa and Prof. Sara Sviri.

9/2001 - 2/2007: The Center for Judaeo-Arabic Studies, Ben-Tzvi Institute, Jerusalem Research Assistant: cataloguing philosophical, exegetical, theological and Judaeo-sufi manuscripts from the Cairo Genizah and from the Firkovitch Collection

What I do in the project

In PESHAT - starting on 1.1.2014, I will investigate the philosophical vocabulary of Judah Ibn Tibbon's translation of Sefer ha-Kuzari and prepare a preliminary thesaurus of it. This in addition to coordinating the project.
In MOSCATO - I have finished the translation of Moscato's sermons 41-52 and am now writing an article about neo-platonic elements in his thought.