Life, Works and Thought of Simha (Simone) Luzzatto (1583?-1663)

The project focuses on two aspects of Luzzatto's intellectual activity: his political and economic appraisal of Jewish people and his elaboration of sceptic philosophy. After the Italian edition of Luzzatto's Discorso and Socrate the project is currently focused on:

  • English translation of Discorso and Socrate with commentary.
  • In-depth analysis of Luzzatto's political and philosophical thought by the means of an
  • Advanced investigation of sources, evident and hidden in Discorso and Socrate.

The project's further developments will involve:

  • Edition of archival sources about Luzzatto's family, life and his involvement in the Venetian economy.
  • Edition of Luzzatto's Hebrew works (Mish'an mayim, Responsa and a commentary of Ecclesiastes and Job)


Simone Luzzatto.Scritti politici e filosofici di un ebreo scettico nella venezia del Seicento, a cura di G. Veltri, Milano: Bompiani, 2013.